Pinned post least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then...

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I design software and hardware systems. I've worked on orbital launch vehicles and satellites. I can talk about "space stuff" all day. I design sub-sea ROV systems for fun.

One day hacking on gateware, the next a byte-code interpreter, the next a PCB, the next a Linux kernel driver, etc. I wrote game engines for a time.

I'm recurrently obsessed with artificial general intelligence (Goertzel-like formulations), artificial life, computational behavior (not ML).

"The interiors of our homes, coffee shops and restaurants all look the same. The buildings where we live and work all look the same. The cars we drive, their colours and their logos all look the same. The way we look and the way we dress all looks the same. Our movies, books and video games all look the same. And the brands we buy, their adverts, identities and taglines all look the same."

For some reason this made me think of @MLE_online (even though MLE has much higher bone standards) Is this the "Berkeley bone exchange"?
Take a bone
Leave a bone

First cloud free day in what seems like ages. Stopped for a bit on my run by That Tree in Tilden. Complete eucalyptus apocalypse on the other side of the hill from the storms.

Call me when any of these AI language models responds to queries it can't handle with "I don't know” instead of nonsense that looks right but isn’t.

There's been an anomaly with the Terran 1 second stage but they had a fully functional first stage. Great job.

Relativity Space giving their first rocket another go here in just a little bit
Currently on a range hold due to a wayward boat violating the keepout. Holding at T-25m

TIL there's a slight hashtag collision, flight software -> furry ski weekend

Taking a short break from writing flight software to... spend a few days talking about flight software. kicking off in a few minutes.

A good friend and former colleague talking about the Stoke Space software architecture that he's helped build. Includes some firey videos too, but it's mostly about the software.

My next stop for information on rover activities is the Analyst's Notebook, a browse tool to landed spacecraft data hosted by the Geosciences node of the Planetary Data System, which is located at Wash U. St. Louis. Do you like data from space? Check this out. I love the Analyst's notebook for how it provides an interface to a whole data collection together.

This part may take me a while as I swim in #OpenData

#space #scicomm #CuriosityBook

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I wasn't sure if I was going to be free until way too late, and FSW Workshop tickets are long gone. Sent a note in hoping I could take someone's cancellation (if there are any)

Q: What do you say when you're reverse engineering a circuit board but you can't follow the signal inside an inner layer?

A: It disappears without a trace.

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