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I design software and hardware systems. I've worked on orbital launch vehicles and satellites. I can talk about "space stuff" all day. I design sub-sea ROV systems for fun.

One day hacking on gateware, the next a byte-code interpreter, the next a PCB, the next a Linux kernel driver, etc. I wrote game engines for a time.

I'm recurrently obsessed with artificial general intelligence (Goertzel-like formulations), artificial life, computational behavior (not ML).

#MaunaLoa #Volcano Aerial footage of the Northeast Rift Zone eruption of Mauna Loa captured the morning of December 1, 2022. (via USGS)

Hey! Tell me your USB-C horror stories!

I'm writing a series for @hackaday , talking about USB-C in detail. If you feel like there's a "USB-C in the wild" story that deserves to be known (i.e. those HP laptop chargers with DRM in them), do tell or hyperlink!

Boosts appreciated!

Amazing. In an experiment, scientists observed a single-celled alga evolve into a multi-cell organism, in real time. They introduced a predator into the environment and the transition followed over the course of about a year. h/t Steve Stewart-Williams

just stumbled upon a ton of photographs of the motorola semiconductor plant in austin, texas, taken in 1977. if you wanna see who makes your 6800, well here they are

On Sol 3658 (yestersol), the Mars Curiosity had a checkup look at its wheels using the arm-mounted MAHLI camera. Those wheels have seen better days, but they're holding up and have many more kilometers of driving left in them.

Fun fact: See the holes in the second image? Those leave marks in the sand and are used to determine distance. They also spell out "JPL" in Morse Code:
.--- J
.--. P
.-.. L

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill

#Space #Science #MSL #CuriosityRover #Astrodon

running mastodon instances, legal liabilities 

This was pretty interesting. I was naively under the impression you might be de facto under a safe harbor type level of liability for copyright claims, etc.

A guide to potential liability pitfalls for people running a Mastodon instance

Just getting around to some important mastodon instance administration...
(adding custom emoji)
:ken: :dmr: :tbl: :mhh: :eyles:

A reminder to newcomers than on maston you can follow/unfollow any #hashtag

To do that open the timeline of the hashtag, and search for the follow buton in the top right corner of the timeline.
Same to unfollow.

Great way to bring tons of and quick relevant content to your home timeline. Also shows why is important and a powerful tool to use nice and consistent hashtags around here.


Though much too long too explain here, I once introduced a bug (fortunately caught before release) because I failed to account for a leap second! So, in other words, I approve of ending the pesky things. :-)

Artemis I Orion is a bit over 200,000 miles from Earth and about 100,000 away from the Moon (it's leading the target so to speak). Pretty amazing distances.

Fun fact: All of the other planets, including the gas giants, could be placed side by side and fit between the Earth and the Moon (at apogee).

Hello World! is a mastodon community for Public Interest Tech folks, Civic Tech people, Govpunks, and other civillian government folks!

And it will be opening very soon!

You can head over to our website and JOIN the list to be added!

#Introduction I’m a professor of computational biology at UC Berkeley, leading a group that develops machine learning algorithms and web apps for genomics, molecular evolution, and synthetic biology. I’m also chair of the Berkeley/UCSF PhD program in Bioengineering. So I post about all that; but also about other random interests like experimental computer games, music production, silly jokes, linguistic nerdery, AI, politics, retro 8-bit coding, dadding, therapy, self-awareness, and so on.

Love seeing so many artists I follow showing up on Mastodon. Latest is @SubversiveGirl yesssssss!

I’m boldly going where I haven’t gone before, which is right here at this site. Apparently this is a “toot.” I would appreciate a follow!

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