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I design software and hardware systems. I've worked on orbital launch vehicles and satellites. I can talk about "space stuff" all day. I design sub-sea ROV systems for fun.

One day hacking on gateware, the next a byte-code interpreter, the next a PCB, the next a Linux kernel driver, etc. I wrote game engines for a time.

I'm recurrently obsessed with artificial general intelligence (Goertzel-like formulations), artificial life, computational behavior (not ML).

Sometimes I like to create art that seems like a page from a forgotten fairytale. No AI, just me dodging & burning, cloning, and “painting” until I was able to make my photo look like what I saw in my head.
#MastoArt #art #Photography #digitalart

Those of you tracking the distances here or on 'that other social channel' will have noticed that the _change_ in the reported distance to Voyager 1 has been slowly _decreasing_. How can this be? Is Voyager returning? This happens near this time of year, every year. You have to remember that these distances are being measured from a moving platform: Earth.
Earth's orbital speed is faster than that of either spacecraft, so at certain times of year, Earth will catch up, and the distance decreases for a little while. This means that if you plot out the distance over time, the lines for both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 wiggle, as in this first diagram.

Not sure about that one, back on the old boards everyone was pretty serious about hacking and cracking being two things.

.oO( H/P/A/V/C )Oo.

But also clinging to the idea that they are two separate things after the year 2000 is kind of ridiculously prescriptivist and doctrinairian.

Still angry about the ahistorical hacker/cracker distinction. Old versions of the jargon file included:

6. A malicious or inquisitive meddler who tries to
discover information by poking around. Hence "password hacker", "network hacker".

Just updated my blog with commission prices for the coming year. If you fancy some original art, have a read and get in touch.

If you're interested in commissioning me for commercial work, drop me a message directly to discuss.

#Art #Commissions #Illustration

What he truly meant aside, its value _is_ the ethical implication... how would we treat a comparable intelligence that isn't "just like" our own.

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All of the recent, common mentions / treatments of the Turning Test drive me up the wall. The way it was written did not imply this was a technical test (if it passes, then technically "it's thinking"). Turing's original writing on it reads as an ethical test. If you can't tell, then what right do you have to control it or turn it off? One of the whole points was that it wasn't assumed to be a human intelligence. It's not a test about "human intelligence, now in a computer"

Software peeps, I spent a few minutes debugging some firmware where the SysTick interrupt on an ARM microcontroller was still firing with the systick interrupt disabled (in fact all interrupts disabled and pending cleared in NVIC / GIC). There's a SysTick control register that has an interrupt enable, it functions independently of global interrupt mask.

This is not ringing a bell. Am I just forgetting / blocking out that this always the case because SysTick is an ARM special sauce IRQ?

Thousands of works of art published in 1927 are now in the public domain—classics like 📕Sherlock Holmes, 🎞️Metropolis & 🎵Puttin’ on the Ritz.

Show off your creative skills in our FILM REMIX contest! Prizes up to $1,500. Details ⤵️

Lynn Conway, electricial engineer and computer scientist, co-architect of the VLSI design revolution, and transgender activist, was born #OTD in 1938.

She invented Dynamic Instruction Scheduling at IBM, but IBM fired her when they learned she was transitioning.

Photo: Lynn Conway

My humble #Mosstodon offering, for your enjoyment 🌿💚

I found this inside a really cool abandoned location. I normally take wide angle shots, but this mossy keyboard and headset really caught my eye 📷

#urbanexploration #moss #abandoned #fotografie #photography #lostplaces #photo #explore

Happy Family Sysadmin day to all who celebrate.

A standard perpendicular tap wrench can be a bit unwieldy when putting small taps in plastic. Using a good hand vice with sharp V grooves on the jaws works great.

Real weird to watch the live stream of the Vega launch of Pleiades Neo and clearly something happens but no one wants make any mention of it. Awkward and weird. Three failures out of eight launches. Bummer zone.

The vestigal twitter account is in violation of the new policy, so I expect us to stop supporting twitter entirely soon either by choice or by force. We’re here as @embedded.

One of the better things you can do on a social media platform is follow a whole lot of artists. Even if you don't think "art is my scene!" Brightens up your feed and day.

Also you end up finding things you really enjoy and purchasing prints etc which is good for everyone.

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