Relativity Space is looking to launch their first vehicle, Terran 1 today in about 20 minutes (although they've pushed the schedule twice already today). Looks like winds are picking up. 🤞

@gsuberland Yeah. Polling for weather is always the nail biter.

@cda I'm amazed that they're just gonna send it with that crosswind speed!

@gsuberland Yeah hard to tell. In some views it looks pretty strong. In others less so. Reports say wind is ~ 7 m/s

@cda The water and trees were what made me raise my eyebrows. Seems like they're ok with it though!

@gsuberland The palm trees swaying around make it look bad, yeah. It's usually upper level winds that cause an abort however.

@cda well at least this delay gave me time to put the feed up on the big screen...

@gsuberland yeah... it would have been pretty amazing if they made it on the first go.

@cda It's not super surprising.

Bit of a shame that they didn't stick around to give more info on the reason for the scrub instead of just ending the stream.

@gsuberland Yeah. Apparently thermal constraints on their 2nd stage propellant loads were getting very marginal. I assume too warm or too much bled off (or both).

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