For some reason this made me think of @MLE_online (even though MLE has much higher bone standards) Is this the "Berkeley bone exchange"?
Take a bone
Leave a bone

First cloud free day in what seems like ages. Stopped for a bit on my run by That Tree in Tilden. Complete eucalyptus apocalypse on the other side of the hill from the storms.

TIL there's a slight hashtag collision, flight software -> furry ski weekend

I biased a circuit based on a table in the datasheet I downloaded from the Digikey part page link. It turns out that link is not for the silicon version they are actually selling... which has a different acceptable bias range.

I have suffered so that you may learn from me.

A standard perpendicular tap wrench can be a bit unwieldy when putting small taps in plastic. Using a good hand vice with sharp V grooves on the jaws works great.

I'm not keen to do a lot of cross posting or posting of tweets, but hot damn! This photo by John Kraus 🚀

There are six pods of four 220 Newton honkers on the ESM made by Ariane Group. They burn monomethyl hydrazine, MMH, and mixed oxides of nitogren, MON, (nitric oxides solution e.g. dinitrogen tetroxide, nitrogen dioxide the half cousin)

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Dusk at five, ugh...but the sun sets on the golden gate this time of year (from my place)...

Heya people who spend any amount of time making figures and tables, what is your go-to graphing tool / library? Let's say you were making a simple graph as shown, what would you use?

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