@polpo even on hugely complicated boards it seems the mostly likely thing that is going to get screwed up has six pins or fewer.

#MaunaLoa #Volcano Aerial footage of the Northeast Rift Zone eruption of Mauna Loa captured the morning of December 1, 2022. (via USGS)

Shameless self-promotion. 

@secretasianman @igb @jay y'know, to do morning people shit

Shameless self-promotion. 

@secretasianman @igb @jay it's better to just leave the morning people to themselves

@jay this is such a feature tho. to hell with the attention economy and attention hacking. i love "slow mode"

Hey! Tell me your USB-C horror stories!

I'm writing a series for @hackaday , talking about USB-C in detail. If you feel like there's a "USB-C in the wild" story that deserves to be known (i.e. those HP laptop chargers with DRM in them), do tell or hyperlink!

Boosts appreciated!

@chris_gammell Do you mean outputting connector names and their labels? I think this would need another shim between the two because in my experience anything remotely complicated has a physical to logical channel mapping (cables are logical). But could still be cool.

@toybuilder My understanding is that it would be on an instance-to-instance basis. So some instance may have stopped federating with mastodon.social but that only affects users on that instance, not everyone else.


@jay feels a bit like a variant of guilt tripping people for doing literally anything fun or frivolous with their own lives as long as there is world hunger. It's just a more complicated calculus than that.


@jay In the end, there are a lot of adults online and we have limited time and energy. If the signal to noise ratio sucks, the executives use their power/money in ways you don't approve of, or it doesn't make you happy, then bounce. It might simply just not be worth it.

These pieces make it sound like you are "turning your back on your buddy back in the muck", seems a pretty inflated sense of importance in the grand scheme of things.


@jay might have been worth it for the quote "so eager were the 4Chan shitposters to hate-jizz all over a platform that doesn’t look like it was coded by some 8th-grade Ritalin junkie fresh off a six-hour anime porn session"

However, I don't buy this. This is an almost exclusively socio-political lens to view twitter with. I just don't think twitter holds some special place in the fabric. It had its moments and was _particularly_ long lived, but the net is fickle.

Amazing. In an experiment, scientists observed a single-celled alga evolve into a multi-cell organism, in real time. They introduced a predator into the environment and the transition followed over the course of about a year.

nature.com/articles/s41598-019 h/t Steve Stewart-Williams

@oskay we know you are making a radio frequency quadrupole so why try to hide it

@baldengineer @EXIT_FAILURE Yeah, one of them is definitely making the connection that it's the field transfering energy/power, not the wires...the Poynting vector etc.

Practically, that this is why e.g. a high speed signal is not "sending a wave of positive voltage / electrons" to a load where it then "returns" on a ground path (two legs), but instead propogates as a wave in the field between the two conductors (least inductance, etc)

just stumbled upon a ton of photographs of the motorola semiconductor plant in austin, texas, taken in 1977. if you wanna see who makes your 6800, well here they are


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