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Hospitals and hot takes. 

@igb it's different. And you can control it more. You reply but then set the visibility on subsequent messages. This is nice as you can hide the rest of the thread, but if an interesting point comes up that you want to share, you can leave it at the normal visibility (in the time line). Better than an algo choosing.

Hospitals and hot takes. 

@igb were they able to fix that thing with your face? ;-P

TIL there's a slight hashtag collision, flight software -> furry ski weekend

Taking a short break from writing flight software to... spend a few days talking about flight software. kicking off in a few minutes.

A good friend and former colleague talking about the Stoke Space software architecture that he's helped build. Includes some firey videos too, but it's mostly about the software.

My next stop for information on rover activities is the Analyst's Notebook, a browse tool to landed spacecraft data hosted by the Geosciences node of the Planetary Data System, which is located at Wash U. St. Louis. Do you like data from space? Check this out. I love the Analyst's notebook for how it provides an interface to a whole data collection together.

This part may take me a while as I swim in #OpenData

#space #scicomm #CuriosityBook

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I wasn't sure if I was going to be free until way too late, and FSW Workshop tickets are long gone. Sent a note in hoping I could take someone's cancellation (if there are any)

@n8foo @MLE_online it might be learned behavior? When I migrated follows over to mastodon, I had to unfollow about a dozen people who were in this mode, but after that I haven't seen it. Maybe there's hope? (But I know everyone's experience is different...)

@MLE_online Yeah. There was a weird tipping on blue bird site of horrors where it went from niche topics/friends/jokes to a kind of twisted non-stop bad news/guilt cycle...and an associated scold behavior. It seems so unhealthy and unproductive.

@swetland I don't know why, but I have a soft spot for the TH/SMT cross-over era...aesthetic.

Q: What do you say when you're reverse engineering a circuit board but you can't follow the signal inside an inner layer?

A: It disappears without a trace.

As it flew off, New Horizons caught this image of the sun illuminating Pluto's thin atmosphere. The blue tint is due to scattering of sunlight by particles called "tholins.”

Image: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / SwRI / Alex Parker (@ahp)

@swetland I keep random cut tape parts, prototyping parts, various project bits in varying sizes of Really Useful Box. It kinda works given how little room I have. I keep nut, bolts, standoffs, that kind of thing in Raaco handy box stackable units which I'm glad I invested in. There's more than pictured (and larger boxes) but it's basically the same.

All this AI/ML tomfoolery and yet no one has made a system that can search MOSFET datasheets to see if a V and I are under the DC curve. 10,000 internet points to the first person to do this.

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