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@oskay acronym overloading is one of my favourite parts of electronics.

polychlorinated biphenyl free printed circuit board with solder-mask defined surface mount device pads, aka "PCB-free PCB with SMD SMD pads".

Having only ever seen historical footage of a crew rated spacecraft returning from the moon, dang it is awesome to see it happen in real time.

Great work Artemis I team! May your post flight analysis have no surprises.

#Artemis1 #Orion #Moon

Alibre CAD exports animated exploded diagrams to 3D PDFs so that you can view it in Acrobat and show the different stages of the exploding. Do other MCAD tools do something similar?

Was bench testing a frequency generator and PWM logic block. Spent five minutes wondering why traces on the scope were getting progressively worse as duty cycle went up and flatlined at 100%. I just simulated this! It was fine!

Someone (me) left the scope channels AC coupled. :picard:

The Raspberry Pi Foundation might be acting shitty, but at least the products are also extremely shitty. Makers deserve better.

I've not been into any of the Star Wars episodic shows but the fam and I watched Andor because everyone kept talking about it. It's really good!

Some days the hardest part of an HDL design is counting to 8. :picard:

I heard of a ChatGPT lisp/c++ rap battle so tried the obvious: "write a rap battle between a monte carlo renderer and a triangle rasterization engine". A+ work, right there.

#MaunaLoa #Volcano Aerial footage of the Northeast Rift Zone eruption of Mauna Loa captured the morning of December 1, 2022. (via USGS)

Hey! Tell me your USB-C horror stories!

I'm writing a series for @hackaday , talking about USB-C in detail. If you feel like there's a "USB-C in the wild" story that deserves to be known (i.e. those HP laptop chargers with DRM in them), do tell or hyperlink!

Boosts appreciated!

Amazing. In an experiment, scientists observed a single-celled alga evolve into a multi-cell organism, in real time. They introduced a predator into the environment and the transition followed over the course of about a year. h/t Steve Stewart-Williams

just stumbled upon a ton of photographs of the motorola semiconductor plant in austin, texas, taken in 1977. if you wanna see who makes your 6800, well here they are

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